Terms Of Service

This agreement states and sets forth the terms and conditions for advertising on "AirportService.com" which is owned, operated, and managed by the corporation of Website Advertising, Ltd.

By joining and using AirportService.com you agree:

  • To use this service in accordance with the all Terms of the Agreement provided below, the Privacy Policy and other AirportService.com and Website Advertising Ltd policies.
  • To obey all applicable laws and regulations for operation of your ground transportation service. It is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with such rules, regulations and procedures. You must be properly licensed and insured, qualified and capable of performing the services you have selected via our websites (including vehicles, airports served, services, service areas, operation days, times of day, etc.).
  • To honor pricing and availability for our Customers that you have made available via our Website.
  • To pay a Lead Fee which is currently $2.00 (Two Dollars) per lead. A Lead is a Booking Opportunity complete with Consumer Information which originates from our site and is sent to the advertiser. A Lead may contain either an email address or a telephone number. Note: A Lead is NOT a reservation. All fees are billed in US Dollars. Website Advertising, Ltd. reserves the right to change the price of the Lead Fee. Leads are sent via Email and are posted in your Online Profile. We are NOT responsible for email delivery so check your online profile for leads daily.
  • To promptly review your billing statement and notify us of any questions regarding charges. You agree to maintain a positive prepaid account balance with AirportService.com until cancellation.
  • Not to sell, trade or transfer any Leads provided by AirportService.com to any other party.
  • Not to contact the potential customer more than two times without customers permission.
  • You agree to update any changes to your contact information, email, credit card numbers and expiration dates online. Prior credit cards will be kept on file as a form of backup payment unless otherwise mentioned.
  • To login to your account to view your leads online because we cannot guarantee the successful delivery of leads to your email.
  • To accept and understand the AirportService.com Terms of Service Agreement - and to refrain from using our advertising service if you do not agree with any Terms of our Agreement or Privacy Policy.
Cancellation Policy:
In the event you wish to cancel your advertising, you must log-in to your account and stop your service by clicking "Cancel Service". Immediately at that point your service is off. You are liable for all lead fees up until the cancellation date and time. Your account may be cancelled at anytime by either party, for any or no reason. Prepaid balances are Not refundable.
Privacy Policy:
Advertiser must agree to follow our strict Privacy Policy when dealing with the consumer information received via our online "Lead Form". Advertiser may NOT use and/or retain any consumer information for any purpose other than providing a one-time response to the lead/inquiry.
Listing Liability:
Due to the unpredictable reliability of Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Connectivity, Etc., Website Advertising, Ltd. holds no liability to the advertiser for Listing errors, omissions, or downtime. We suggest the advertiser check his/her own listing periodically for accuracy and functionality.
Credit Limit:
Website Advertising Ltd has the right to set a discretional credit limit on any advertiser. You must Prepay for your leads via Credit Card/Debit Card.
Listing Guidelines:
All registered members should maintain an accurate listing and short description about their company. Due to certain wording restrictions the Listing and Description Area does Not permit wording pertaining to a Website, Telephone Number, Email address, Pricing, Competitors, Upper Case lettering, Etc. Website Advertising, Ltd. reserves the right to omit and/or edit your listing description.
Website Advertising, Ltd. and AirportService.com make no warranty that this service will result in revenues or profits.
Either party may terminate participation in advertising for any and/or no reason. Prepaid balances are Not refundable. There is no termination fee.
Website Advertising, Ltd. reserves the right to amend the Terms of Service at anytime.