Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to Register my transportation company?
Actually Nothing… When you register on we take a Deposit which goes 100% towards Leads. So you are not paying a fee for registration.
How much do I have to Deposit to Start Advertising?
We accept $10 minimum and up. The posted amount is $30 but you can change that before completing the application. Generally, our advertisers enter from $10.00 to $300.00.
How does differ from other online limousine directories?
Unlike many pay-per-lead directories, we allow consumers to preview limousine company information before sending a lead. Most pay-per-lead directories use a "Blind Submission" process to send the maximum amount of leads. While "blind submissions" are lucrative for the Directory itself, it is not as beneficial for the Limousine Providers. Also, is the preferred directory for many Travel Agents since it focuses 100% on Airport Transportation Service.
Will I be competing with many other limousine companies?
The limousine industry is very competitive but we limit the competition to a maximum of six (6) transportation providers. The average lead goes to only 3 to 4 providers.
What does a Lead look like?
A typical lead will describe details of service needed including: Vehicle Type, Persons Name, Phone or Email, Number in Party, Airport, Date, Time, and Service Location.
Where do the leads come from?
The leads we send to you come from our network of travel related websites including our main site and other sites in our network which we either own or have approved as good lead generators. We make ourselves as visible as possible to enable consumers to find our websites and ultimately find you. These consumers then complete our online forms and submit them for ground transportation quotes and information.
What do I do when I get a lead?
Contact the consumer as soon as possible. Our research shows that members who contact the lead immediately have a better chance to convert the lead than those who wait. According to research, agents who make at least 5 attempts show a 90% chance to contact their leads. Our most successful agents use a variety of communication channels to get in front of these prospects. Be sure to follow up your lead as it gets closer to the service date. Most of the leads do not close on the first attempt, so be professional and follow up.
Do I need to login to see my leads?
Your leads are emailed to you as soon as the consumer fills out our lead form but we do recommend logging in to see your leads and stats online. With the nature of the internet and email behavior, it is possible that not all leads will reach your email box as expected. These leads are still yours and you have paid for them so insure you get your leads by logging into your profile and clicking on the My Leads Icon.
Can I receive a text message alert for new leads?
We send your leads immediately to you by email. Many email services give the option of setting up SMS Text Message alerts. We recommend you do that if possible.
How exactly do you bill for leads?
A Lead Fee is currently $2.00. You are charged for leads emailed to you through our online Lead Forms. Each lead must contain proper contact information including an Email Address or a Telephone Number, and Service Areas. When your initial deposit is near depletion, we will refill your account by $10, $30, or an amount we estimate for approximately half of one month of leads. For example: If you are spending approximately $60 a month in leads, we will usually recharge your account $30 at a time.
How much is the average monthly bill?
Each member has a different monthly advertising bill which depends on many factors. Currently, the average limousine company receives about 40 billable leads a month. At $2.00 a lead the average bill is approximately $80.00 a month. Depending on your service area your bill can be higher or lower. You can budget yourself by adjusting your Service Area zip code coverage. For example if you service just zip code 90210, your leads and bill will be much lower than someone who services 90210 with a 15 mile area radius.
Are these Leads Pre-qualified ?
Our Leads are Real-time, therefore our leads are post-qualified, not pre-qualified. This means the moment a consumer fills in their travel information, it goes instantly to our transportation provider. We check all leads for bad content, duplicates, etc. and issue credit back within 48 hours.
Do I get charged for "Bad Leads" ?
No. Leads that are considered "incomplete, duplicates, undeliverable, or just plain bogus" are automatically deducted from your final lead count. You can view your Leads and Lead Count online 24/7. Here you can see the Leads you were charged for as well as the Leads you were NOT charged for. Leads you are not charged for appear with a Line through the lead. If you want to bring a Bad Lead to our attention, please Forward the lead to badlead at airportservice dot com with the reason you consider it bad.
Why do you bill automatically by credit card/debit card?
We have a large amount of transportation companies participating in our program worldwide. We have found automatic credit card billing to be the only way to efficiently bill all companies for their leads.
Is $2.00 considered a good price for a Lead?
Compared to most other types of advertising available today, $2.00 (two dollars) should be considered a great price for a Lead. Many conventional advertising programs charge as much as $100.00 (one hundred dollars) for a single lead. These conventional sources such as Yellow Pages, Circulars, etc. charge a flat fee whether you get leads or not. Compare it yourself: Price of Conventional Ad ÷ Number of Inquiries = Price Per Lead (i.e. $300 Ad ÷ 3 Inquiries = $100.00 Per Lead).
Can I try this program for a little while to see how it works?
Yes, you can try our service for any time period you choose. There is No Contract - No Commitment and you can cancel at anytime.
I only have Sedans should I even bother to register?
Yes, whatever vehicles you mention upon registration, will determine what leads we will send to you. For example, if you only have sedans we will only send you leads for sedan service. You would not receive leads for a stretch limousine or a van.
Can I change my information after I have registered?
Yes. Once you are a Member of you can log-in to your Account 24/7 and make any changes your desire. Note: Some changes are submitted to us for approval. Therefore, your changes may not appear immediately.
How can I get listed 1st place on the page?
If you want more leads, you can bid for top spots by contacting us. Up to 6 Listings are placed in a random order on the search results page each time a visitor does a search. If you bid for Priority Placement you can stay on top of the search results.
How can I get my listing on an airport which does not appear on this site?
We will be happy to add an airport to our site upon your request.
Who is has been up and running since February 1998. We are one of the longest running directory websites serving the Ground Transportation industry. is owned by the Corporation of: Website Advertising, Ltd., 123 South Street, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 · (516) 922-4043
Is related to any other Limousine Directory?
Yes. To broaden our exposure, has purchased and developed other websites such as:,,,, and more. These sites utilize the data from, yet offer various types of "Services" other than just Airport Service. Registered members can benefit from the additional exposure without the need of registering on multiple sites. If you do not want the addition exposure, you can "opt-out" of our Affiliate Sites in your company profile.
Can your service work with my Spam Filter?
Yes. If you use a Spam Filter, contact your email provider for instructions on adding our email address to be accepted or you can set one of your "Accepted Domains" to "".
Can I "Black-out" Days and Hours that I don't want to receive Leads?
Yes. You can "Black-out" Days that you don't want leads. This can be done by Day or Date. For example, if you do not want to receive leads for December 25th, you can "Black-out" that date (or a date range). If you do not want Leads for Saturdays, you can "Black-out" all Saturdays. In addition, you can "Black-out" Times of Day. For example, if you do not want to work 1:00AM to 6:00AM, you can "Black-out" these Hours.
Can I "Black-out" Vehicles that are booked on specific dates?
Yes. You can Black-out Vehicles by type. ie: if you have no 8 Passenger Limousines available 12/25/2015 – 12/26/2015 you can black them out just for that specific date.
What if my question isn't on this list?
If you have any further question(s) that we did not address here, feel free to Contact Us online and we will be happy to answer your question(s).
How can I register my transportation service?
To complete our Member Application Click Here. You must be properly licensed and insured, and agree to our Terms of Service in order to participate.