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Private Label Affiliate Program for Travel Sites

Do you have a Travel related website?  (ie: Travel Agency, Hotels, Air Fares, Transportation, Limousines, Etc.) If so you may be eligible to join our "Fully Private Labeled Affiliate Program" and earn money for every search on your website. Make up to $3.20* for one search!  There's nothing to sell and nothing to buy.  That's right... for every completed search we will pay you regardless of whether they buy or not.  We simply pay you for the "Search" without hopeless promises of possible commissions.

Join Here

Enhance Your Website and Earn Money at the same time...

Offer your visitors this helpful search tool that may keep them coming back to your site again and again. Our Affiliate Program is Free to join for qualified sites.

  • Our #1 Affiliate earned $6,767.11  in One Month.

  • Our #2 Affiliate earned $6,342.48  in One Month. 


We offer a 100% Fully Private Label Program...

NO "Power by" Label
NO "Link" back to our website
NO mention of
100% Your Website Brand
Your Visitors Never leave your website
24/7 Real-time Online Stats
Easy to Set-up in less than a minute
Prompt Monthly Payments

Simply, place this search box on your site
and make money on every completed search:

For more information please Click Here, or Call (800) 844-7099 Ext 1143.


Monthly Leads

Per Lead Per Submission*
Tier 1 1 - 499 $0.19 $0.19 - $1.52
Tier 2 500 - 2499 $0.26 $0.26 - $2.08
Tier 3 2500-3499 $0.29 $0.29 - $2.32
Tier 4 3500-4999 $0.33 $0.33 - $2.64
Tier 5 5000+ Call Call for Payout
To Apply to Our Affiliate Program... Click Here
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To Read Our Terms of Service... Click Here
To Check Your Affiliate Account Stats... Click Here

* An average submission usually distributes four leads depending on the service area city.
ie: Los Angeles usually distributes eight leads per submission while smaller cities may distribute one lead.
These figures are based on our historical average. Actual average may vary.

Note: If you own a Limousine/Ground Transportation company and are looking
to become a member of our Limousine Pay-Per-Lead program Click Here.

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